West TN FLL 2021-2022 Season (Update #2)

This update has been changed to reflect the latest information.

The Facts

  1. We are GO for the FLL 2021-2022 Season!
  2. All event will be VIRTUAL.
  3. We will be doing a modified/slimlined version of what we did last year.  This is in response to the Teams and Judges feedback.
  4. Event Dates can be found in the Steps for a Successful Season!
  5. Teams must participate in a Qualifier to be eligible for the Championship.
  6. The information on the website has been updated for this season!
  7. Please review the Steps for a Successful Season!

The website has been updated with the latest 2021-2022 Season Information!

Qualifier Registration has opened!

Coaches please check your email! If you have not received anything please let us know ASAP!

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