West TN FLL 2021-2022 Season (Update #1)

Hello Everyone! Sorry it has taken us a while to get information out to everyone!

The Facts

  1. We are going to be having events for the FLL 2021-2022 Season!
  2. These events will all be VIRTUAL.
  3. We will be doing a modified/slimlined version of what we did last year.  This is in response to the Teams and Judges feedback.
  4. The first event is currently planned for the beginning of March and the Championship is currently planned for the beginning of April.
  5. At this time plan for your team to participate in 2 events:  a Qualifier and the Championship.
  6. The information on the website has been updated for this season!
  7. Please review the Steps for a Successful Season!

What we need from you

  1. We need to know if your team(s) plan to participate in events this year.
  2. We will use this information to determine qualifiers, practice rounds, and the championship!
  3. Please fill out this survey: https://forms.gle/XNiK3jLrZCVdEQgU7

The website has been updated with the latest 2021-2022 Season Information!

Our first Coach Meeting has been scheduled for November 30th @ 5:30pm (See Office Hours)

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