EV3 to be Retired


Today LEGO® Education is sharing an important portfolio update with all of you regarding the retirement of LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3.

Since EV3 was launched back in 2013 it has impacted many thousands of young robotics enthusiasts all over the world as they have learned to build and code. We have seen and continue to see amazing creations with EV3 – and FIRST LEGO League is probably our best example of how working with EV3 unleashes student creativity in a world of robotics, and something we can all feel incredibly proud of. You, as our partners, have been vital contributors to this success and we cannot thank you enough for that.

But as we celebrate the success of this great product, we must ensure that we evolve together with the landscape of education. That is why we have decided to retire MINDSTORMS EV3 during summer 2021. We acknowledge the profound impact EV3 has had on our community, but EV3 is reaching its natural end of life and it is time to refocus our efforts. SPIKE Prime is the future and foundation of the LEGO Education portfolio for secondary school, and we are excited by its Robot Game-winning performances at recent FIRST LEGO League events.

To answer some quick questions:

Yes, you will be able to continue using the EV3 for FLL Events.

Lego will continue to support the apps for 2 more years. Beyond that the retired apps will still be available for download for an additional 3 years.

Starting in Aug 2022, the Guided Mission will only be available for SPIKE Prime however.

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