LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor is allowed in FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, as any official LEGO element is allowed. Please see the below FAQ for more information:

Is MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor allowed in FIRST LEGO League?

Yes, as any official LEGO element is allowed in FIRST LEGO League. MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor can be used in FIRST LEGO League Challenge as long as the robot is programmed to move autonomously and not remote controlled.

The SPIKETM Prime Expansion Set and Competition Ready Unit are specifically designed with FIRST LEGO League in mind, and the ideal combination for students and teacher who are new to robotics and in need of more formalized training. The final lesson of the SPIKE Prime Competition Ready Unit helps prepare students and teachers for the annual FIRST LEGO League Challenge Robot Game.

What is the recommended solution to compete in FIRST LEGO League Challenge with?
Teams can participate in FIRST LEGO League using just the SPIKE Prime Core Set. However, the SPIKE Prime Expansion Set provides builders with over 600 additional elements that are specifically selected for competitions. While the MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Set has more elements than the SPIKE Prime Core Set, these are included with the purpose of building the 5-in-1 models. When combined, SPIKE Primes’ core set plus expansion set include elements that are particularly useful for competitions. For example, large wheels for better grip, a force sensor for obstacle detection and large motors for greater power.

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