FIRST LEGO League – Fall Brainstorming Session

Our First Senior Mentor, Randall, put me on to this video and the attached links. It is more for coaches than team members (thinking about the upcoming season and Covid Distancing).

Links mentioned in the Chat:
LEGO Sensitization:

CAD tools:
LDD – LEGO Digital Designer (not being updated)
Studio by Bricklink –

Facebook Group for Mentoring from other coaches:…

Lessons: – Lessons for FIRST LEGO League – Lessons for EV3 users including new Scratch-based EV3 Classroom and EV3- – Lessons for SPIKE Prime Users

Remote Desktop:…
Zoom – built in remote control

[ed. it is not a remote desktop, but Open Roberta is a scratch like programming language that is done online. If you create one account, kids can work on different code, save it, and one person can get it, send it to the bot on and run it on a table]

Escape Rooms (Teachers Helping Teachers)
Breakout EDU

FIRST @ Home…

FIRST Impact…


Ted Talk:…

FIRST Support:……

Remote Robot Apps:
Robot Virtual Worlds –…
Virtual Robotics Toolkit –
Coder-Z –

Dell Computer Donations:…

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