A Note from the Head Ref

It was noted at the CBHS Qualifier that there is some confusion about Home and Launch. Below are all the rules (and updates) concerning Home vs Launch area.

NOTE: This year Launch is NOT PART OF HOME (AKA BASE), and that the robot must be in the BLACK – HOME AREA before the robot can be touched and moved back into the launch area.

Other Notes:

  • The place for storage and for modifying the robot is in the Home area.
  • All parts stay within the Home area.
  • The robot is moved from the Home area to the Launch for starting the game
  • The robot must return and be completely within the Home area.

As stated in the Nov 11 Update “Experienced teams are not experienced with this year’s Rules. The Launch Area is not the same as “BASE” from past years

Make sure your robot is returning to the BLACK – HOME area and not the Launch area. This will be enforced at ALL upcoming Qualifiers and the Championship.

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