Videos on EV3 Programming and Design for FLL

The award-winning LCats FLL team invites FLL teams to view their YouTube videos on EV3 programming and design.  Through the videos they share their successful EV3 programs such as line following, PID control, turning, and Master program, along with their use of jigs, frame, and side-wheels. 

LCats FLL  YouTube channel:

LCats web site:

The videos:
·         Advanced Line Follower:
·         Simple PD Line Follower:
·         Straight Drive:
·         Turn-in-Place:
·         Simple Turn-in-Place:
·         PID Control:
·         Acceleration:
·         Master Program:
·         Jigs, Frame, and Side-wheels:
·         2018 LCats 220 Point Into Orbit Robot Game:
·         2018 LCats FIRST LEGO League Presentation to Judges:

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