FLL Workshop September 21, 2019

Sign up to attend a workshop at CBU. There will be three simultaneous sessions.

  1. FLL Sensors Lab by Professor Kohn. Learn how to program each sensor in the EV3 system. Program button press, light sensor, etc. We will cover as many sensors as time allows.
  2. FLL Line following and advanced actions by Frank Niedzwiedz. Typically, a motor is programmed for one action each run. What if you could use math and science to get one motor to do three actions? You could save travel time and increase your score!
  3. JrFLL by Randal Phillips. Jr FLL is new to Memphis. The official partner is the Children’s Museum of Memphis. Come and learn all about this exciting program for Kindergarten through Second grade. Learn how to form a team.

For questions, email frankn@rnsystemsdesign.com.

Registration is limited and First Come – First served. A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm you spot by the 20th. Register at


Link to Class Power Points https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WBBxLh4Hv6Vbiq3EogiLgCcK8UT-JdmX

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