Partners get hands on preview of SPIKE

At the FIRST community conference, your regional FLL Team got hands on experience with the beta version of the SPIKE robot and software (due out in Fall).

Again, SPIKE does NOT replace the EV3. Lego will support both and they can both be used for FLL.

I have included some pictures (below). Some things to point out are:

  • Red Wire Management Clips
  • Pieces designed to better interface regular Lego bricks to your Lego Technic pieces in the robot kits.
  • Software senses devices (sensors, motors, etc) plugged in and displays current data from sensors (last pic)

As for other things:

  • Does power up much faster than EV3
  • Cannot name programs (programs are numbered when loaded to the robot) and run by selecting the program number.
  • Can plug in any device to any opened connector (no motors go one end and sensor on the other end).

[note – we saw beta versions, so some of the items mentioned might be changed by ship date]

If you have an EV3 but see how some of the new pieces would help your team build their robots… can buy the expansion pack for the Spike to get some of the pieces.

Sorry, we not allowed to share more…..

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