Rule Clarification

We received an email requesting clarification on R12 on Page 22 of the Challenge Guide that states:

Page 22, R12
• Anything completely in Base may be moved/stored off the Field, but must stay in view of the referee.
• Everything in off-Field Storage “counts” as being completely in Base and may be placed on an approved holder.

Our Head Ref has reviewed the rule and has come up with the following
• You MAY remove parts from base so long as you comply with R12

An “Approved Holder” can be
• a tote
• a “TV” tray
• in a team members hand

Note it is NOT permitted to put items on the floor and all items MUST be in view of the referees at all times.

The same “Approved Holder” can be used for addition robot components that can be swapped out while robot is in base.

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