One workshop down, one to go

We held the first FLL Workshop at CBU yesterday. 3 full teams showed up and learned about the season, EV3 programming and sensors. Thanks to the teams for coming, thanks to coaches and mentors for taking the time on a Saturday to come out and play with robots, and thanks to CBU faculty and students for hosting and helping out.

Materials from Workshop:


Motors and Sensors

Color Chart

(Below is the bug fix discussed at the workshop – If you get the “LEGO EV3” splash screen with a white screen behind it and the program locks at this point – try the fix below. It is a known problem with the EV3 software on Win10 Machines)
Fix for EV3 Windows 10 / Silverlight issue

EV3 Program SQUARE using loop (turn not calibrated)

EV3 Program SONAR1 (Stop when object detected 1ft away)

EV3 Program COLOR (Stop when black detected)

Dont forget about the resources under 2018-19 Challenge and Useful Links in the menu at the top of this webpage!

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