FLL Registration – A Few Notes

With FLL Team Registration opening shortly here are a few things to note:

1) Unlike previous years, the Challenge Set (AKA Field Setup Kit) and registration will be bundled together. This means you will not have to purchase your Challenge Set separately. What we are still waiting for word on, is “Can you opt out?” (if you have more than one team, but you only need one field for practice for example).

2) We are still awaiting the word on the the TVA Grant. We know that it is still on for this year, but there are a questions since the Challenge Set is bundled with the registration. Last year if you recall, TVA paid the registration, but did not cover the Challenge Set.

Stay tuned for an announcement on this….but in the meantime, when registration openeds, register your team, but DO NOT PAY! In the past, teams could not take advantage of the TVA grant if they had already paid the registration fee.

For those new to FLL in West TN or are reading about the TVA Grant for the first time, please read last year’s eligibility requirements HERE (keeping in mind that this might change a bit this year).

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