Youth Registration Officially Opens to Teams


Need help registering your team…..see this HELP DOCUMENT that will answer questions for coaches, parents and youth.


As many of you are already aware, Youth Registration (previously known as STIMS) soft launched on Monday, 9/25 and we successfully have approximately 1000 youth registered to date. We will be notifying all teams through their weekly email blasts that the system is now officially opened and wanted to give you a summary of the new functionality.

What is new?

Once logged in, parents and youth will have a dashboard that provides the status of registration and a calendar of events the team has signed up for (Although West TN FLL will NOT be using the FIRST registration system – more on this soon). Links to apply to awards for FIRST Robotics Competition are also available on the dashboard under the My Teams section.

The registration process has been simplified and uses a wizard much like team registration to move through the profile information, application to the team and signing the consent and release form.

Youth over 13 can complete the registration process up to the consent and release form. At that time they are prompted to invite their parents to complete the form. Parents have a simpler version of registration and once linked to their child, only need to sign the form.

Coaches who invite youth over age 13 (only) to the team no longer need to accept the team member on the team as that is automatic. They can still decline the team member at any point in time if needed (as well as accept those who are registered by their parent/guardian).

The functionality of the team roster hasn’t changed (e.g., provides the status of the consent and release forms, re-invite parents, accept/decline youth)

A team with two screened Coaches will have the ability to print paper copies of the consent and release forms (Spanish or English) for parents without access to the internet.

Our goal is for the registration process to be simpler and user friendly for parents and youth. Over time we plan to enhance the system for added functionality and ease of use.

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