EV3 Kits Available

Thanks to TVA, the West TN STEM HUB Lending Library now has EV3 kits available for FLL Teams.

If you can’t start a team because you don’t have the budget for an EV3 or your team is in need of a 2nd robot to help the season go better and you can’t afford one, here is your chance.

To apply to borrow a kit:

  1. Use the “Contact Us Form to the right. Please use the subject line “EV3 Kit Request”
  2. Please give us details of why your team needs to be lent a kit for the 2017-18 FLL season
  3. Include your team #, team name, coaches name and their email

Since the season is already in full swing…..1st round of request is due by Oct 6, 2017. If we got more request than we have kits to lend, they will be lent out based on need (ie teams registered by unable to buy a robot will have the highest priority).

The kits will need to be picked up from the STEM Lending Library and returned at the end of the season in good condition with all the major parts (we expect a few bits and pieces to go missing with use, but EV3 brick, sensors, cables will need to be replaced, at the teams expense, if lost).

Thanks once again to TVA for supplying these robots for West TN FLL Teams!

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