Challenge Updates

Teams, make sure you are reading the CHALLENGE UPDATES…..

This weeks update, dated Sep 5 is very important when choosing a project in light of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Teams might be considering a project having to do with flooding from natural disasters…..BUT according to this weeks update:

Clarification of Water Disposal

The problem your team investigates must be a part of the human water cycle. For the HYDRO DYNAMICS Project, this means “the ways people find, transport, use, and dispose of water in order to meet a specific need or desire.” Since this definition explains the path that water takes when utilized by humans, water “disposal” here refers to “wastewater,” or water that has already been used by humans in homes, industries, and businesses. Water disposal does NOT refer to the removal of floodwaters. Therefore, controlling the structural damage or immediate threats to human life caused by natural floods would NOT be appropriate topics for the Project. In order for natural flooding to be a suitable topic, it must be clearly linked to the human water cycle, and a human use of water. An example of this type of linkage might be flood contamination of a water source that will be used by humans.

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