News from the FIRST Community Conference 2017

Back in June, the First Community Conference was held in Nashua, NH and TN was represented by Daniel Kohn (West TN FLL Partner). Here is some news from the conference:

The Volunteer Registration system (VIMS) will be upgraded and will be renamed Volunteer Registration (VR).

More was discussed on Season Pass (as reported HERE). There are still many unanswered questions on how this will work, so it sounds like they will be running it as a pilot program this year (a few school systems have been signed up for this). The big reason for the delay is figuring out how to support Season Pass Schools without putting more work on the regional partners. FIRST is working on coming up with a “FLL Certified Trainer” program to help support these teams with training and building up regional trainers to run these courses for schools and school systems adopting the new “Season Pass” model.

Some new resources for teams were announced:

Lego now has EV3 curriculum on their website at Scroll down the page a bit to the “Add Your Curriculum” Section. They have modules on Coding, Design Engineering (Problem solving), Science, and Space.

FIRST has FLL Coach training available as well. You will need a Schoology account, then to add the FIRST training request access to “FIRST Steps” HERE. Training includes:

  • Pre Season Prep
  • Module 1 – Intro to Core Values and Teamwork
  • Module 2 – Researching and Programming Basics
  • Module 3 – Narrowing the Problem and Designing the Robot
  • Module 4 – Identifying a Problem and Building Attachments
  • Module 5 – Selecting a Problem and Programming missions
  • Module 6 – Creating the Presentation and Refining the Robot
  • Module 7 – Presentation Practice and Robot Judging Prep
  • Module 8 – Preparing for the Tournament

It also gives you access to other webinars.

There is a 2nd Schoolology training available on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Click HERE on how to get access (again you will need a Schoology account).

Need info to help sell FIRST Lego League to your principal or administration. Check out the Educators page. You will find how FIRST maps to educational standards, and other info that might help. Also, check out the Impact FIRST has (wonderful statistics that can help sell the program and get it in your classroom)

Lastly, make sure you check out the NEW PROJECT RUBRIC for this year. There has been a few changes to how the team will be judged. (will be released Aug 17).

Don’t forget the Game Release for


Aug 29, 2017

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