TVA Funding and other Registration News

TVA is once again working with FIRST to get more students involved in Science Technology Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) by paying the registration fee for all the teams in there service region (including West TN – See Map)

While FIRST works out the details of how this will be done it is suggested that teams DO NOT PAY FOR REGISTRATION (complete the online registration up until the payment). This will let us know how many teams are planing on participating and also get you on the list of teams to receive funding (last year, towards the end of registration, the money did run out).

If it goes as planned, the registration cost will be credited to your account shortly.

Please note that West TN will still have a regional activity fee of $75 this year to help support the qualifiers. This will be paid separately from the team registration.

Teams will also still be required to buy the Challenge Set (AKA the Field Setup Kit) for $75.

Also see the new registration options (in other post)….

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