New Registration Option

FIRST just announced a new registration option. It is called Season Pass (working name, might change). It gives an option for schools that want to give the FLL experience to more students a NEW OPTION.

There are two Season Pass Options:

Small – 50 students @ $950 (15% discount) and you can purchase up to 5 challenge sets @75 a piece
Large – 100 Students @ 1795 (20% discount) and you can purchase up to 10 challenge sets @75 a piece

This allows schools to form multiple teams in house and then select the best team to move forward to the regional qualifier. The down side is that ONLY ONE TEAM GETS TO MOVE TO THE OFFICIAL QUALIFIERS.

We will have more details on this option after the FIRST Community Conference next week, so stay tuned for an update.

PS – At this time this option might not be showing up on the FIRST Team Registration page, but should appear shortly.

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