Shark Tank


A question came up at the scrimmages having to do with the shark tank. It is unclear how the shark is to be placed in the tank at the start of the match. I have asked HQ about this and they said the shark needs to be placed loosely in the tank. They went on to say:

Defining “loosely,” placed objects/models is tough, so we rely on gravity to be the judge instead of people. Gravity is constant and so, If the weight of the Shark causes the two to separate when held upside down, then this would pass under our current ruling for loosely placed objects/models. If the model were to stay together in this orientation, then the model would not be considered loose and would fail.

So that means the following placements of the shark are allowed:


and the following is NOT ALLOWED:


Quick test, if the shark tank can be turned upside down, it is legal.

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