Scrimmages Held

Over the past two days, two scrimmages were held for the Animal Allies Season.

The first was at the University of Memphis, Herff College Open House (aka E-Day) on Friday Oct 21. Thanks to all the teams that came out and participated. Our top scoring team was TEAM #17013 – The STEMulators….Congratulations!

More pictures from E-Day can be found on the UofM Flickr Page.

Also many students were introduced to FLL during the day when they came though to see the scrimmage.

The second scrimmage was held at St Louis Elementary School on Sat Oct 22. Here the top team was TEAM 4890 – Cardinals Red….good job!

Thanks to St Louis for hosting the event.

Hope to see you all at the zoo for the next scrimmage on Nov 5th.

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