Workshops Held

On Aug 27 and again on Sep 10, Christian Brothers University hosted workshops for FLL Teams, Coaches and Mentors. Three sessions were held at each workshop. For rookies, there were two sessions, one introducing FLL while playing the “The Game of FLL” (A board game created by the LegoNaughts Team #6489 for the World Class FLL Season), the second session was on basic EV3 programming. The 3rd session was for advance programmers and concentrated on using sensors.

More Pictures: Aug-16 and Sep-10

The West TN FLL Partners would like to thank:

Christian Brothers University for hosting the event. With a special thanks to the students who attended and also to Dr John Ventura for arranging the event and hosting.

Chris Nielsen and Frank Niedzwiedz of RN Systems Design for the beginner programming workshop.

Tom Banning of the University of Memphis for the session on intro to FLL.

Daniel Kohn of the University of Memphis for the advanced programming / sensors session.

And lastly, thank you to all of you who gave up their Saturday to attend the workshops….especially the coaches!

Below are the instructor files from the Advanced Class:

Sensor Handout
Color Chart

Display Color Sensor on LCD
Use Color Sensor to stop on Green
Display Sonar Distance on LCD
Robot Stops 6in from wall (using Sonar)
Robot goes to green line, turns 90 deg then goes until within 6in of wall
Display Gyro on LCD

Note: code assumes color sensor in port 4, sonar in port 3, gyro in port 1.

Other websites:
Turn and Distance calculation spreadsheet/worksheet
Basic EV3 Robot build instructions
Basic NXT build instructions
Tutorials on how to program EV3 and NXT

We also discovered that if you plug the gyro sensor in when the robot is turned on, it might start counting instead of reading the current angle. If this occurs, turn off the robot and turn it back on. The gyro sensor does not like being plugged in with the power on.

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