What can we say…….

Dear Teams,

What can we say…..we goofed!

Judges have a hard job, scoring all the teams and then deciding on who gets what awards, and the Judge Advisor even more so. During the deliberations, the judges, lead by Daniel Kohn, Judge Advisor and FLL West TN Partner, were so fixated on the judging rubrics and finishing the deliberations as quickly as possible, that they forgot to take into account the “Champion’s Award Rule” that states “Teams…..must be in the top 40% of Robot Game Scores to be considered for Champions Awards”. This was a very human mistake and not done on purpose and all teams were treated equally during the deliberations.

This in NO MEANS diminishes the accomplishments of teams that won the Champions Awards and our Champions are still Champions!

This is not the first time this has happened in FLL History (and probably will not be the last). In consultation with FIRST Head Quarters, and in accordance with precedence set in similar circumstances, it has been decided that we should recognize an additional “Champion’s Award” Winner: Team 7092 SFMS Lego Stallions!

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