2nd Round of Workshops Held

Today we held the 2nd workshop for FLL teams at CBU. This time we held both a New Team and Returning Team workshop at the same time. Both were well attended and everyone learned a lot. Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thank you to John Ventura and CBU Engineering Students for helping as well as Frank Niedzwiedz, Chris Nielsen, Tom Banning, Daniel Kohn and Dustin Maki.

Returning Team Workshop Material

Lab 5
PID For Lego Mindstorms
Power Point from Workshop

New Team Workshop Material

Presentation: FLL_Coach_Workshop 8 23 2014 rdcd

NXT Domabot instructions: domabot_build_domabotics NXT

EV3 Domabot Website: www.damienkee.com

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