Where to start?

Are you looking for a team for your child (or a team for yourself)? Are you willing to help out a team as a mentor or coach? Sign up at First TeamUP!.

Once you sign up, you can search for any or all of the following by state and/or city:

Others interested in starting a new Team.

  • Teams needing new members
  • Teams needing Mentors/Coaching advice

Or if you have a team you can search for

  • prospective new members
  • prospective Mentors/Coaching advice

and you then can contact them via a “Contact Link” on the search results.

You can also look for existing teams by going to FIRST Teams and Events in My area, click on the Teams Tab and then fill in the search terms. (this list was just cleared to start registration for next year, so you might have wait a while to find a team, since most register in the last summer or early fall).

You can also contact us at memphisfirstteams@gmail.com.

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