2020-21 Challenge

2020/2021 FIRST LEGO League Challenge RePLAYSM

Challenge Materials:

Rules, Judging, and Rubrics:

[the links above taken from https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources

Make sure you also check out Division Resources for more info. This page has downloadable videos, info on the new judging model (see Judging Flowchart), scoresheets and much more.

Kick off Video (full video):

Mission Video:

Some changes from last year:

  • Note: launch IS part of home this year!
  • Judging is done in ONE 30 minute session with NEW Rubrics
  • New awards structure
    • including a new Coach/Mentor Award (nominations procedure coming soon)

West TN Regional Info

  • WEST TN will be doing REMOTE EVENTS this year (we are still working on details, but this decision was made to ensure ALL TEAMS, including those with travel / meeting restrictions, can still participate in the season)
  • FIRST is creating a REMOVE EVENT HUB to host these events. (more details coming soon)
  • Registration for events will be done via this website (link will be provided here – so check back)
  • Although we have yet to set event dates, we will be moving the competitions much latter to allow teams enough time to meet and prepare for competition.
  • We are still waiting on hearing from TVA about the grant, but it is best to do your own fundraising or obtain your own sponsors so you are not relent on just one funding source.
  • We are still looking at our budget this year, but expect to reduce the Regional Activity fee (again, stay tuned for updates as Event Registration opens)